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Voice Case Information System (VCIS)

Phone # – (866) 222-8029. The Voice Case Information System is designed to make gathering information on bankruptcy cases easier and more efficient. With a standard touch-tone telephone you can access the system and obtain basic case information by entering search clues on the telephone keypad. Call VCIS and you can search by:

  • Debtor Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Case Number

You can check five (5) names or cases per call. If a case is found, the system provides the following:

  • Case Number
  • Judge
  • Case Status
  • Name of Debtor
  • Chapter
  • Asset/No Asset
  • Trustee
  • Filing Date
  • Attorney for Debtor (name and telephone number)
  • 341 Meeting Date, Time, Location (if meeting is pending)
  • Discharge Date (if applicable)
  • Closing Date (if applicable)

Direct questions about VCIS to the clerk’s office at (515) 284-6230. This service is provided free of charge.