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Non-Attorney E-File Registration

Non-attorney E-File Registration is used for the following Court Role Types:

  • Creditor
  • Filing Agent
  • Party (Financial Management Providers or Auditors)
  • Trustee
  • US Trustee

Note: This option is appropriate if you are an attorney requesting limited filer (creditor) access. If you are an attorney requesting full attorney access, select Attorney Filers for CM/ECF via PACER.

Registration is accomplished by selecting the Manage My Account tab on the PACER website. Once logged in, select the Maintenance tab, and click the Non-attorney E-Filers Registration link.

Link to PACER for assistance with Non-attorney Filers for CM/ECF

Filing Agent Instructions

A filing agent is a user than can file on behalf of an attorney or trustee. All filing agents must have their own individual PACER account and may be linked to multiple attorneys and/or trustees. The filing agent will have the same e-filing access and permissions as the attorney or trustee. However, when the filing agent uses his/her own login and password, the attorney or trustee name will appear in the docket text as the party filer.

Filing agents may receive emails, but only if the attorney or trustee places the filing agent's email address in their CM/ECF Maintain User Account.