Davenport Division

United States Courthouse
131 E. 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
(Last updated: August 26, 2016, 8:35 AM)
09/19/2016 01:00 PM 16-01446-lmj13 Zerena Termina Gales Carol F. Dunbar
    16-01464-lmj13 Steven P. Helling Carol F. Dunbar
    16-01574-lmj13 Daniel L. Stone Derek NW Hong Carol F. Dunbar
    16-01580-lmj13 Mark Jasper Queen Bruce A Buckrop Carol F. Dunbar
    16-01617-lmj13 William S. Streat and Lisa S. Streat Steven G Klesner Carol F. Dunbar
    16-01641-lmj13 Remus Ovidiu Ciriac and Victoria Anne Ciriac Michael A Williams Carol F. Dunbar
    16-01643-lmj13 Melvin C Hines, Jr. Michael J McCarthy Carol F. Dunbar
09/20/2016 09:00 AM 16-01222-als7 John Thomas Hintermeister and Cindy Ann Hintermeister Bruce A Buckrop Robert G Schlegel
    16-01305-als7 Chris Laverle Dixon Matthew D Hatch Robert G Schlegel
    16-01577-als7 Gail Marie Braun Mitchell L Taylor Robert G Schlegel
    16-01579-lmj7 Arthur J. Fisher and Nicole K. Fisher Steven G Klesner Robert G Schlegel
    16-01581-als7 William Howard Foreman Michael A Williams Robert G Schlegel
    16-01588-als7 Francis Robert Schmidt James L Pillers Robert G Schlegel
    16-01593-als7 Scott Alan Kitlarz Penelope C Souhrada Robert G Schlegel
    16-01595-lmj7 James J Nagel Robert J Reding Robert G Schlegel
    16-01600-als7 Douglas A. Dee Penelope C Souhrada Robert G Schlegel
    16-01607-als7 Katrin Unger Robert J Liptak Robert G Schlegel
    16-01611-als7 Dana Lee Frye and Paula Lorene Frye H J Dane Robert G Schlegel
    16-01614-als7 Dawn M. Korth H J Dane Robert G Schlegel
    16-01616-als7 Kathleen K. Purviance Steven G Klesner Robert G Schlegel
    16-01619-als7 Chris E Barr and Rebecca L Barr Peter W Hansen Robert G Schlegel
  10:00 AM 16-01634-als7 Daron Lee Gill Robert G Schlegel
    16-01636-als7 Ernest Flecker-Baker William L Breedlove Robert G Schlegel
    16-01640-als7 James Anthony Stoddard and Tami Kae Stoddard Barbara E Maness Robert G Schlegel
    16-01642-als7 Danny Alva Holmes and Margaret M Holmes Bruce A Buckrop Robert G Schlegel
    16-01646-lmj7 Jay R Hohenthaner and Shelley R Hohenthaner Michael D Clark Robert G Schlegel
    16-01649-als7 Flavio S Rosas, Sr. Matthew D Hatch Robert G Schlegel
    16-01650-als7 Brady Dean Alderin J Michael Siering Robert G Schlegel
    16-01651-als7 Daniel Joseph Flickinger and Melissa Lynn Flickinger Steven J Swan Robert G Schlegel
    16-01652-als7 Joel David Woodward Daniel P Kitchen Robert G Schlegel
    16-01656-als7 Michael T. Anson, Jr. and Kalli M. Anson Steven G Klesner Robert G Schlegel
    16-01665-als7 Mark L Kleinkopf Peter W Hansen Robert G Schlegel
    16-01668-als7 Brian Cliff Martin Samuel Z Marks Robert G Schlegel
  11:00 AM 16-01669-als7 Randy Kent Hussong Lawrence J Lammers Robert G Schlegel
    16-01675-als7 Alex D Breuer and Kaslyn M Breuer Peter W Hansen Robert G Schlegel
    16-01686-als7 Denise Annette Williams Mary Lynn Wolfe Robert G Schlegel
10/25/2016 08:30 AM 13-01918-lmj7 Terry James Westercamp H J Dane Wesley B. Huisinga
    16-01108-als7 Joshua Furne and Nicole Furne Caren Carter Wesley B. Huisinga
    16-01383-als7 Jean Louise Davenport Mary Lynn Wolfe Wesley B. Huisinga
    16-01474-lmj7 Grayson Scott Hawk John M VanDeVelde Wesley B. Huisinga


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Information about Section 341 meetings is provided by the Court as a courtesy to the bar and the public, in cooperation with the U.S. Trustee's office. Requests to reschedule Section 341 meetings and all other inquiries about Section 341 meetings should be directed to the U.S. Trustee's office or the case trustee. For more information, visit the U.S. Trustee Program web site.