Council Bluffs Division

Federal Building
6th and Broadway
Council Bluffs, IA 51502
(Last updated: November 27, 2015, 8:00 PM)
12/21/2015 01:00 PM 15-02267-lmj13 Marie G. Bauer Kristina M Kaeding Albert C Warford
    15-02306-lmj13 Bobbi-Jo Ielene Hallett Roxanne M Alhejaj Albert C Warford
    15-02334-lmj13 Shawn Randall Starks Christopher J Gamm Albert C Warford
    15-02457-lmj13 Jim Wayne Terry and Zelda Ruth Terry Keith M Buzzard Albert C Warford
12/22/2015 09:00 AM 15-01724-lmj7 Eugene Earl Opal, Jr. and Carol Ann Opal Michael J Sands Charles L Smith
    15-02284-als7 Vernon Richard Randall Thalia Downing Carroll Charles L Smith
    15-02315-als7 Dreanne Lawrence and Andrea M. Lawrence Kristina M Kaeding Charles L Smith
    15-02368-als7 Cassie Ann Phelps Nancy Lee Thompson Charles L Smith
    15-02437-lmj7 Dennis Ronald Balsley, Jr. and Lisa Marie Balsley Marcus F Gross , JrCharles L Smith
  01:00 PM 15-02159-lmj7 James L. Schwartz Kristina M Kaeding Deborah L Petersen
    15-02276-als7 George Allison Anderson, Jr. Nicole B Hughes Deborah L Petersen
    15-02298-als7 Carla Jean Karcher Nicole B Hughes Deborah L Petersen
    15-02310-als7 Tom Lee Teters and Suzan Elizabeth Teters Christopher J Gamm Deborah L Petersen
    15-02318-lmj7 Dawn Dian Jones Norman L Springer , JrDeborah L Petersen
    15-02329-als7 Amy Renee Hessig Roxanne M Alhejaj Deborah L Petersen
    15-02330-lmj7 Tammy Lue Sward Roxanne M Alhejaj Deborah L Petersen
    15-02345-als7 Drew Alan LeMaster and Kelly Dawn LeMaster Bradford L Davis Deborah L Petersen
    15-02351-als7 Benjamin D Green and Heather L Green Mark D Swanson Deborah L Petersen
    15-02363-als7 Perry Eugene Thompson Samuel Z Marks Deborah L Petersen
    15-02378-als7 Shawn S. Beu Kristina M Kaeding Deborah L Petersen
    15-02383-als7 Jack R Peterson, Sr. and Judy Peterson Drew H Kouris Deborah L Petersen
    15-02418-als7 Irvin Bondo Larsen and Bobette Joan Larsen Roxanne M Alhejaj Deborah L Petersen
  02:00 PM 15-02440-als7 Gary Wayne Terwilleger Nicole B Hughes Deborah L Petersen


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Information about Section 341 meetings is provided by the Court as a courtesy to the bar and the public, in cooperation with the U.S. Trustee's office. Requests to reschedule Section 341 meetings and all other inquiries about Section 341 meetings should be directed to the U.S. Trustee's office or the case trustee. For more information, visit the U.S. Trustee Program web site.