Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

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(Reported as of Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014, 08:48 AM)

08/28/2014  Thursday 

09:00 AM CB ICN Fed Reg Ctr, US Post Office Bldg

 14-01758-als7Richard A Rief and Stephanie L Rief

Reaffirmation Agreement with Capital One Auto Finance (#11).
 Richard A Rief (db)Erin M McCartney (aty) (402) 933-8600
 Stephanie L Rief (jdb)

 14-00630-als7Amy Jo Petersen

Reaffirmation Agreement with Preferred Credit, Inc. (#12).
 Amy Jo Petersen (db)John T Turco (aty) (402) 933-8600