Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Thursday, Sep 18, 2014, 08:20 AM)

09/18/2014  Thursday 

09:00 AM Davenport Courthouse

 12-00424-als11Diwan, L.L.C.

Final Hearing on Amended Disclosure Statement and Modified Plan of Reorganization (#214).
Modification of Chapter 11 Plan (#224). Objection (#229). Objection (#232).
Disclosure Statement (#223). Objection (#230).
Objection to Claim (#218). Objection (#231).
 Diwan, L.L.C. (db)Dale G Haake (aty) (309) 797-3000
 Iowa Department of Revenue (cr)John E Waters (aty) (515) 281-6427
 Maha-Vishnu Corporation (cr)Jeffrey C McDaniel (aty) (309) 786-4900

01:00 PM Davenport Courthouse

 14-01761-als7Alice Cornett Giacalone

Reaffirmation Agreement with State Farm Bank, FSB (#11).

 Alice Cornett Giacalone (db)Steven E Balk (aty) (309) 755-5096

 14-00764-als7Kimberly N Goodwin

Reaffirmation Agreement with IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (#9).
Reaffirmation Agreement with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (#12).
 Kimberly N Goodwin (db)Bruce A Buckrop (aty) (309) 788-2747

 14-01281-als7Christopher Ryan Doerscher and Melissa Sue Doerscher

Reaffirmation Agreement with RIA Federal Credit Union (#16).
 Christopher Ryan Doerscher (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455
 Melissa Sue Doerscher (jdb)

 14-01360-als7Ronald C. Rinehart, Jr. and Jessica L Rinehart

Reaffirmation Agreement with RIA Federal Credit Union (#12).
 Ronald C. Rinehart (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455
 Jessica L Rinehart (jdb)