Honorable Judge Lee M. Jackwig

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Tuesday, Sep 9, 2014, 07:47 AM)

09/09/2014  Tuesday 

10:00 AM Telephonic Hearing with Judge Jackwig

 14-01078-lmj7Brian D Winfrey and Shelly L Winfrey

Objection to Exemptions (#13). Objection (#18).

Trustee Notice of and Motion for Compromise Filed 09/02/14
 Brian D Winfrey (db)Deanna R Bachman (aty) (515) 457-2900
 Shelly L Winfrey (jdb)
 Charles L Smith (tr) (712) 325-9000

 09-01978-lmj13Jerry D Hacker and Helen M Hacker

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change (Official Form B10 (Supplement 1) required by FRBP 3002.1(d))(Claim #7) ( filed 5/6/14) and (7/17/14) (no Doc Nos.) Objection Thereto to Both Notice of Payment Changes (#82).
 Jerry D Hacker (db)John M Miller (aty) (515) 225-3333
 Helen M Hacker (jdb)
 Albert C Warford (tr)Elizabeth E Goodman (aty) (515) 283-2713
 Bank of America, N.A., successor by merger to B... (cr)

 14-01497-lmj7John C. Kline

Objection to Exemptions (#8). Objection (#12).
 John C. Kline (db)David A Morse (aty) (515) 243-7600
 Charles L Smith (tr) (712) 325-9000

11:30 AM Telephonic Hearing with Judge Jackwig

 13-30063-lmjAmick v. Amick
 07-02673-lmj13Brian D. Amick

Motion for Summary Judgment (#12). Objection (#17).
 Janet Amick (pla)David A Morse (aty) (515) 243-7600
 Brian D. Amick (dft)Steven P Wandro (aty) (515) 281-1475