Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Thursday, Aug 21, 2014, 08:27 AM)

08/21/2014  Thursday 

09:00 AM Davenport Courthouse

 14-00215-als11Jerry L Rhoads and Sharon K Rhoads

Chapter 11 Plan (#51) as amended (#64).
Disclosure Statement (#52) as amended (#65). Objection to First Amended Plan and Disclosure (#75). Objection to First Amended Plan and Disclosure (#76)
Application for Compensation (#57). Objection to Professional Fees (#61).

 Jerry L Rhoads (db)Chester H Foster (aty) (708) 799-6300
 Sharon K Rhoads (jdb)
 Sharon K Rhoads (jdb)H J Dane (aty) (563) 326-0006
 United States Trustee (ust)James L Snyder (aty) (515) 284-4985
 Fifth Third Bank (cr)Michael J Whaley (aty) (402) 392-1500
 Community Bank & Trust Co. (cr)H Raymond Terpstra (aty) (319) 364-2467

01:30 PM Davenport Courthouse

 14-00765-als7Loyd Wilbur Vice, Jr.

Reaffirmation Agreement with Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (#10).
 Loyd Wilbur Vice (db)Bruce A Buckrop (aty) (309) 788-2747
 Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (cr)Stephanie L Hinz (aty) (319) 366-7621

 14-00876-als7Jamie L Reymer

Reaffirmation Agreement with Nationstar Mortgage LLC (#13).
 Jamie L Reymer (db)Joel A Deutsch (aty) (309) 788-9541
 Nationstar Mortgage LLC (cr)Benjamin W Hopkins (aty) (515) 222-9400

 14-00635-als7Bryan B. Banks and Karen M. Banks

Reaffirmation Agreement with IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (#16).
 Bryan B. Banks (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455
 Karen M. Banks (jdb)

 14-00784-als7Tracy L. Tucker

Reaffirmation Agreement with RIA Federal Credit Union (#9).
 Tracy L. Tucker (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455

 14-01067-als7Linda K. Shouse

Reaffirmation Agreement with American National Bank (#11).
 Linda K. Shouse (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455

 14-00473-als7Erin Michelle Orth

Reaffirmation Agreement with Nationstar Mortgage, LLC (#13).
 Erin Michelle Orth (db)Katherine Varlas Teel (aty) (309)755-5096
 Nationstar Mortgage, LLC. (cr)Theodore R Boecker (aty) (515) 222-9400