Honorable Judge Lee M. Jackwig

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Tuesday, Jun 10, 2014, 08:26 AM)

06/10/2014  Tuesday 

11:00 AM Telephonic Hearing with Judge Jackwig

 09-01085-lmj13Tricia Leah Jones

Motion to Determine Final Cure and Mortgage Payment pursuant to FRBP 3002.1(h) (#93).

Consent Order -TBF- Hrg Moot - 6/9/14
 Tricia Leah Jones (db)Frank X Skrupa (aty) (402) 571-2900
 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (cr)Wendee N Elliott-Clement (aty) (913) 663-7667

 10-00054-lmj13Scott Alan Hartenhoff and Kimberly Sue Hartenhoff

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change (Official Form B10 (Supplement 1) required by FRBP 3002.1(d)) (no document number). Objection (#70).
 Scott Alan Hartenhoff (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455
 Kimberly Sue Hartenhoff (jdb)
 Federal National Mortgage Association (cr)Lisa B Singer (aty) 516-741-2585

 11-04650-lmj13James E. Harrell, Sr. and Mayema W. Harrell

Objection to Proof of Claim No. 23-3 of Wells Fargo Bank, NA., (#79). Objection (#82).
 James E. Harrell (db)Penelope C Souhrada (aty) (563) 322-0455
 Mayema W. Harrell (jdb)
 Wells Fargo Bank, NA (cr)Mark D Walz (aty) (515) 246-7898