Honorable Judge Lee M. Jackwig

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Monday, Jun 9, 2014, 09:18 AM)

06/09/2014  Monday 

02:00 PM Telephonic Hearing with Judge Jackwig

 10-04339-lmj7Jana Lee Lloyd

Motion to Confirm Termination or Absence of Stay (#23).
 Jana Lee Lloyd (db)John M Miller (aty) (515) 225-3333
 Wells Fargo Bank, Creditor

 11-04452-lmj13Thad A Belitz and Courtney A Belitz

Motion for Relief from Stay (#33). Objection (#38).

MTN W/D - 6/6/14 - HRG MOOT
 Thad A Belitz (db)John M VanDeVelde (aty) (309) 788-2747
 Courtney A Belitz (jdb)
 Bank of America, N.A. (cr)Camille R Hawk (aty) (402) 330-6300