Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 08:37 AM)

05/20/2014  Tuesday 

09:00 AM Courtroom 1, Annex

 11-03906-als7Geoffrey D. Northridge

Reaffirmation Agreement with Libertyville Savings Bank (Secured Loan - Rental Properties) (#261).
Reaffirmation Agreement with Libertyville Savings Bank (unsecured loan) (#262).
 Geoffrey D. Northridge (db)Joseph A Peiffer (aty) (319) 365-0437

 14-00769-als7Jason T Clark and Leonor N Clark

PRELIMINARY Motion for Relief from Stay (#12). Objection (#15).
 Jason T Clark (db)Lisa K Pendroy (aty) (515) 556-6453
 Leonor N Clark (jdb)
 Kading Properties, L.L.C. (cr)Timothy J Van Vliet (aty) (515) 223-6000

 10-03716-als7James Fredrick Pettry

Reaffirmation Agreement with Wells Fargo (#24).
 James Fredrick Pettry (db)Mark J Rasmussen (aty) (515) 386-3399

 14-00405-als7Brandi Yvonne Minnaert

Reaffirmation Agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank NA (#12).

 Brandi Yvonne Minnaert (db)James W Thornton (aty) (515) 964-1825

09:30 AM Telephonic Hearing

 14-00295-als7John Patrick Pearson and Michelle Kay Pearson

PRELIMINARY Motion for Relief from Stay (#8). Objection (#17).
Objection to Exemptions (#9). Objection (#18).

Please call Mr. Jahn at 319-394-3136
 John Patrick Pearson (db)Steven J Swan (aty) (319) 526-8479
 Michelle Kay Pearson (jdb)
 Dominic Moraniec (cr)William R Jahn (aty) (319) 754-6587
 Mary Henry (cr)

10:00 AM Courtroom 1, Annex

 13-30036-alsFlynn et al v. Choice One Mortgage Corp. d/b/a One Source Mortgag
 11-02017-als7Corey Fletcher Halfhill and Susan Marie Halfhill

Defendants Motion to Dismiss (#69). Joinder (#71).

 Thomas L. Flynn (pla)Matthew C McDermott (aty) (515) 283-4643
 One Source Mortgage, Inc. (3pd)Richard K Updegraff (aty) (515) 242-2413
 Tanie Smith (3pd)Donald F. Neiman (aty) (515) 246-5877
 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (dft)Kermit B Anderson (aty) (515) 288-0145
 HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. (dft)

01:00 PM Courtroom 1, Annex

 13-03101-als7Sandra DiNicola Lynner

EVIDENTIARY Motion to Dismiss Case Pursuant to 707(b) (#12). Objection (#18).
Amended Objection (#23).

 Sandra DiNicola Lynner (db)Michael P Mallaney (aty) (515) 223-4567
 United States Trustee (ust) (515) 284-4982