Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Tuesday, May 6, 2014, 07:53 AM)

05/06/2014  Tuesday 

01:30 PM Telephonic Hearing

 14-00706-als7Trent R. Marshall and Tamara L. Marshall

PRELIMINARY Motion for Relief from Stay (#11). Objection (#15).
 Trent R. Marshall (db)Matthew D Hatch (aty) (563) 355-8846
 Tamara L. Marshall (jdb)
 Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company (cr)David R Elkin (aty) (515) 244-3188

 14-00290-als7Candice Banks

Motion to Redeem (#9). Objection (#12).
 Candice Banks (db)Michael L Jankins (aty) (515) 255-1855
 Greater Iowa Credit Union (cr)Christopher L Low (aty) (515) 278-0623

 13-03241-als7Nicole L Romare

Motion to Dismiss Chapter 7 (#14). Objection (#16)
 Nicole L Romare (db)Samuel Z Marks (aty) (515) 276-7211

02:00 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-30066-alsEllertson v. Slauson et al
 13-01775-als7Mac Joseph Slauson and Calandra Ann Slauson

Motion for Summary Judgment (#13). Objection (#19)

Set for one hour.
 April Ellertson (pla)Cassandra E Webster (aty) 515-875-4892
 Mac Joseph Slauson (dft)Billy J Mallory (aty) (515) 274-1450
 Calandra Ann Slauson (dft)
 Calandra Ann Slauson (dft)

03:00 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-30056-alsSmith v. ABF Freight System, Inc.
 12-01757-als7Harper Brush Works, Inc.

Motion for Summary Judgment (#17). Objection (#22) Objection (#26)

Set for one hour.
 Charles L. Smith (pla)Abram V Carls (aty) (319) 365-0437
 Charles L. Smith (pla)Ronald C Martin (aty) (319) 365-0437
 Charles L. Smith (pla)Joseph A Peiffer (aty) (319) 365-0437
 ABF Freight System, Inc. (dft)Michael J Cunningham (aty) (515) 278-4200

04:00 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-01917-als7Joseph Michael Moses

Motion to Extend Time to Object to Claim of Exemptions (#23). Objection (#27).
 Joseph Michael Moses (db)Michael L Jankins (aty) (515) 255-1855
 Deere & Company (cr)Jeffrey W Courter (aty) (515) 283-8048