Honorable Judge Lee M. Jackwig

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Monday, Apr 7, 2014, 09:12 AM)

04/08/2014  Tuesday 

10:00 AM Telephonic Hearing with Judge Jackwig

 13-02056-lmj13Larry A. Otero and Susanne M. Otero

Status Regarding Motion to Dismiss Chapter 13 and Notice of Hearing (#29).
Status Regarding Motion to Modify Plan After Confirmation (#30). Objection (#34).
 Larry A. Otero (db)Bruce A Buckrop (aty) (309) 788-2747
 Susanne M. Otero (jdb)
 Albert C Warford (tr)Elizabeth E Goodman (aty) (515) 283-2713

 09-01808-lmj13Keven L Mehaffy and Brenda J. Mennen

Motion to Determine Mortgage Fees, Expenses, or Charges pursuant to FRBP 3002.1(e) (#123).
 Keven L Mehaffy (db)Joel A Deutsch (aty) (309) 788-9541
 Brenda J. Mennen (jdb)
 Nationstar Mortgage (cr)Michael J Whaley (aty) (402) 392-1500

 12-30096-lmjLegacy Bank v. Van Zetten
 12-03002-lmj7Brandon Paul Van Zetten

Trial Date Conference
 Legacy Bank (pla)Timothy J Van Vliet (aty) (515) 223-6000
 Brandon Paul Van Zetten (dft)Michael P Mallaney (aty) (515) 223-4567

11:30 AM Telephonic Hearing with Judge Jackwig

 13-00381-lmj11M & M Masonry

Motion for Summary Judgment (#76).

 M & M Masonry (db)Bradley R Kruse (aty) (515) 242-2460
 Bricklayers & Trowel Trades International Pensi... (cr)Gary A Norton (aty) (515) 246-5543