Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Monday, Mar 10, 2014, 04:09 PM)

03/10/2014  Monday 

09:00 AM Courtroom 1, Annex

 12-30098-alsNatural Pork Production II, LLP v. IC Committee et al
 12-02872-als11Natural Pork Production II, LLP

Trial on Complaint (#285).

Trial Continued to April 28, 2014
 Natural Pork Production II, LLP (pla)Stanley J Thompson (aty) (515) 288-2500
 IC Committee (dft)Rebecca A Brommel (aty) (515) 242-2452

01:30 PM Courtroom 1, Annex

 12-30058-alsPeoples State Bank v. Robinson et al
 12-01523-als7Edward D. Robinson and Barbara E. Robinson

Trial on Complaint (#32).

Trial canceled due to Plaintiffs pending Motion to Dismiss
 Peoples State Bank (pla)Steven E Goodlow (aty) (641) 932-2948
 Edward D. Robinson (dft)Michael P Mallaney (aty) (515) 223-4567
 Barbara E. Robinson (dft)