Honorable Judge Lee M. Jackwig

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Thursday, Mar 6, 2014, 08:40 AM)

03/06/2014  Thursday 

09:00 AM US Bk Ct, 4th Floor, Courtroom 2

 14-00020-lmj11Westwood Plaza LLC

Motion for Relief from Stay (#15). Objection (#23).
Motion to Dismiss Ch11 Case by ColFin BOW Funding B, LLC (#16). Obj (#25).
Motion to Dismiss Ch11 Case by U.S. Trustee (#18). Obj (#24).
Motion to Use Cash Collateral (#19). Obj (#21).
 Westwood Plaza LLC (db)Robert C Gainer (aty) (515) 223-6600
 ColFin BOW Funding B, LLC (cr)Gary A Norton (aty) (515) 246-5543
 United States Trustee (ust)James L Snyder (aty) (515) 284-4985