Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014, 04:11 PM)

03/05/2014  Wednesday 

01:30 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-30052-alsSmith et al v. JERAA, LLC et al
 13-01330-als7Thomas Alan Nockels

Motion to Intervene (#20). Objection (#23). Objection (#25)

Set for 30 minutes.

***David Brick will be appearing on behalf of Ken Butters. Please call him at 274-1450.
 Charles L. Smith (pla)Nicole B Hughes (aty) (712) 325-9000
 Thomas Alan Nockels (db)Robert C Gainer (aty) (515) 223-6600
 JERAA, LLC (dft)David A Morse (aty) (515) 243-7600
 Patricia J. Nockels (dft)
 Anderson Properties, Inc. (inv)Kenneth L Butters (aty) (515) 274-1450

02:00 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-03291-als7Kevin Scott Dilks and Jana Marie Dilks

Objection to Exemptions (#17). Objection (#22).

 Kevin Scott Dilks (db)Michael L Jankins (aty) (515) 255-1855
 Jana Marie Dilks (jdb)
 Charles L Smith (tr) (712) 325-9000

 14-00163-als11Caregiver Management Systems, Inc.

STATUS CONFERENCE- Motion to Continue Hearing (#69).

Call Konstantine Sparagis at (312) 823-4790.
 Caregiver Management Systems, Inc. (db)Konstantine T Sparagis (aty) (312) 753-6956
 United States Trustee (ust)James L Snyder (aty) (515) 284-4985

 13-03342-als7Felicia Marie Hatch

Objection to Exemptions (#11). Objection (#16).
 Felicia Marie Hatch (db)Nancy L Thompson (aty) (515) 875-4850
 Dallas J Janssen (tr) (515) 274-9161

02:30 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-03123-als7Amy Lynn Showman

Motion to Redeem (#23). Objection (#28).

 Amy Lynn Showman (db)John M Miller (aty) (515) 225-3333
 Town Financial (cr)Timothy J Van Vliet (aty) (515) 223-6000

 13-03311-als7John Richard Culjat and Sharon May Culjat

Motion to Enlarge Time to File Reaffirmation Agreement (#17).

 John Richard Culjat (db)James A Watson (aty) (712) 322-0448
 Sharon May Culjat (jdb)
 Council Bluffs Savings Bank (cr)Nicole B Hughes (aty) (712) 325-9000

03:30 PM Telephonic Hearing

 12-30081-alsNatural Pork Production II, LLP v. AgriCulture, Inc. et al
 12-02872-als11Natural Pork Production II, LLP

CONFERENCE CALL- Status Conference Pursuant to 11 U.S.C Section 105(d) (#54).
 Natural Pork Production II, LLP (pla)Stanley J Thompson (aty) (515) 288-2500
 AgriCulture, Inc. (dft)Rebecca A Brommel (aty) (515) 242-2452
 Rich Amrozowicz (dft)
 Michael Anliker (dft)
 Ron Beach (dft)
 Robert Eugene Betts (dft)
 Kelly Blair (dft)
 David Block (dft)
 Bob Blomme (dft)
 Connie Booth (dft)
 Robert Eldon Booth (dft)
 John Bradley (dft)
 Gary Burge Revocable Trust (dft)
 Wendell Burge (dft)
 Burgoyne Roberts (dft)
 Carpenter Family Trust (dft)
 Jon Clemens (dft)
 Suzanne Clemens (dft)
 Craton Capital, LP (dft)
 Christopher Deren (dft)
 Patrick Deren (dft)
 Sean Donlin (dft)
 Eli, Philip and Richard Lane Trust (dft)
 Richard L. Ewing (dft)
 First National Bank of Omaha (dft)Lauren R Goodman (aty) (402) 341-3070
 Cyrus Gardner (dft)Rebecca A Brommel (aty) (515) 242-2452
 Michael Gearhart (dft)
 Ronald Gimbel (dft)
 Steven Gimbel (dft)
 Maynard Gingerich (dft)
 Carol A. Gingerich (dft)
 Wayne Goedken (dft)
 Deb Gordon (dft)
 Todd Gordon (dft)
 Dennis Greer (dft)
 Harriet Lane Trust (dft)
 William Haupts (dft)
 Dale Hemminger (dft)
 Donna Hoegh (dft)
 Winston Hoegh (dft)
 Doug Hofmeister (dft)
 Nancy Hofmeister (dft)
 Amanda Howland (dft)
 Mona Jones (dft)
 Debbie Lee Koesters (dft)
 Kara Koesters (dft)
 Luke Koesters (dft)
 Kruse Investment Co. (dft)
 Lane Asset Management (dft)
 Harriet Lane (dft)
 Jessica A. Lane (dft)
 Jonathan Lane (dft)
 Philip Lane (dft)
 Richard Lane Trust (dft)
 Dennis Larson (dft)
 Scott Leinen (dft)
 Dena Leinen (dft)
 Thomas Ludwig (dft)
 Nancy Ludwig (dft)
 Thomas Maday (dft)
 Jean Maday (dft)
 Chuck Manatt (dft)
 Philip Markham (dft)
 Betty McManaman (dft)
 Brian Merkle (dft)
 Peggy Merkle (dft)
 Robert Moss (dft)
 Lorri Motsick (dft)
 Rick Motsick (dft)
 Jill Murtaugh (dft)
 Tom Murtaugh (dft)
 William Nichols (dft)
 Nickel, Inc. (dft)
 James Noble (dft)
 Brian OConnor (dft)
 Jennifer OConnor (dft)
 Jody Oestreicher (dft)
 Robert Penney (dft)
 Joe Petsche (dft)
 Laura Petsche (dft)
 Preston Pond (dft)
 Vicki Pond (dft)
 QRS Investments (dft)
 Gary Rees (dft)
 Michelle Rees (dft)
 Ryan Rees (dft)
 Tyler Rees (dft)
 Ed Reinig (dft)
 Elizabeth Jo Reinig Revocable Trust (dft)
 Brad Roberts (dft)
 William Ruppert (dft)
 Eleanora Ruppert (dft)
 Maurice Russell (dft)
 Mardene Russell (dft)
 Steve Salzinger (dft)
 Gary Schaben (dft)
 Jackie Schaben (dft)
 Steve Schmitz (dft)
 Don Schomers (dft)
 Charles Schulte (dft)
 Karen Schulte (dft)
 Kent Seivers (dft)
 Judy Seivers (dft)
 Jerry Sorensen (dft)
 Laurie Staiert (dft)
 Walter Staiert (dft)
 Grace Stave (dft)
 Ron Stave (dft)
 Doug Svendsen (dft)
 Elliott Svendsen (dft)
 Ardis Svendsen (dft)
 Curt Teggatz (dft)
 VanBaale, LLC (dft)
 Thomas Vincent (dft)
 Patrick Walsh (dft)
 Shelia Walsh (dft)
 David Weihs (dft)
 Karen Weihs Revocable Trust (dft)
 Karen Weihs (dft)
 Ron Weihs (dft)
 John Weihs (dft)
 Wellmark, BCBS (dft)
 Casey Westphalen (dft)
 Michael Westphalen (dft)
 Dean Willis (dft)
 Robin Willis (dft)
 Michelle Woodruff (dft)
 Zaccone Investments (dft)
 Mark Zaccone (dft)
 IC Committee (dft)
 First National Bank of Omaha (dft)Lauren R Goodman (aty) (402) 341-3070