Honorable Judge Lee M. Jackwig

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Thursday, Feb 27, 2014, 09:05 AM)

02/27/2014  Thursday 

10:00 AM US Bk Ct, 4th Floor, Courtroom 2

 14-00242-lmj11Choice Genetics USA, LLC

1. Motion to Obtain Secured Credit (#7).
2. Preliminary Hearing re: Motion for Entry of an Order Confirming Arbitration Award and Motion to Seal the Swine Improvement Agreement and the Final Arbitration Award (#45 and #46).
 Choice Genetics USA, LLC (db)Jeffrey D Goetz (aty) (515) 246-5817
 United States TrusteeJames L. Snyder (aty) (515) 284-4985
 Scidera, Inc. (cr)Johannes H Moorlach (aty) (515) 288-6041