Honorable Judge Anita L. Shodeen

Court Calendar

(Reported as of Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014, 09:08 AM)

02/11/2014  Tuesday 

01:30 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-03101-als7Sandra DiNicola Lynner

PRELIMINARY Motion to Dismiss Case Pursuant to 707(b) (#12). Objection (#18).

 Sandra DiNicola Lynner (db)Michael P Mallaney (aty) (515) 223-4567
 United States Trustee (ust) (515) 284-4982

02:00 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-03258-als7Stephen Jude Aeschliman and Susan Leslie Aeschliman

Objection to Exemptions (#15). Objection (#19).
 Stephen Jude Aeschliman (db)Dennis E McKelvie (aty) (641) 236-6631
 Susan Leslie Aeschliman (jdb)
 Charles L Smith (tr) (712) 325-9000

 12-02479-als7Carl A. Sanders and Nanci M. Sanders

Trustee Omnibus Objection to Claims (#26). Objection (#27).
 Earlham Savings Bank (cr)Timothy J Van Vliet (aty) (515) 223-6000
 Dallas J Janssen (tr) (515) 274-9161

 13-02607-als7Diana J Rife

Reaffirmation Agreement Capital One Auto Finance, a division of Capital One, N.A. (#15).
 Diana J Rife (db) (515) 657-2147
 Capital One Auto Finance, a division of Capital... (cr)

02:30 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-02857-als7Doris Yvonne Rump

Motion to Redeem (#12). Objection (#17).

Please call Mr. Whaley at 402-679-5426.
 Doris Yvonne Rump (db)Michael L Jankins (aty) (515) 255-1855
 Bank of the West (cr)Michael J Whaley (aty) (402) 392-1500

 13-30042-alsSchlegel v. ODonnell
 11-02703-als7Alisa A Shakespeare

Show Cause for Lack of Prosecution (#1).
 Robert G Schlegel (pla)Robert G Schlegel (aty) (319) 653-2147
 Shawn ODonnell (dft)

 13-02933-als7James Eugene Williams

PRELIMINARY Motion to Dismiss Case Pursuant to 707(b) (#18). Objection (#21).
 James Eugene Williams (db)Angela Weatherhead (aty) (712) 322-5588
 United States Trustee (ust) (515) 284-4982

03:00 PM Telephonic Hearing

 13-30067-alsSmith v. Flint Cliffs Manufacturing Corporation
 12-01757-als7Harper Brush Works, Inc.

Motion to Compel Discovery Responses and Motion for Sanctions (#7). Objection (#11)

Set for 30 minutes.
 Charles L. Smith (pla)Joseph A Peiffer (aty) (319) 365-0437
 Flint Cliffs Manufacturing Corporation (dft)Mitchell L Taylor (aty) (319) 752-4537