Scanning Guidelines – To minimize file size and save storage, upload and review time for CM/ECF filers

Effective Date:  July 19, 2013    Supersedes:  July 21, 2009

1.  Scanned images of textual records should meet the following minimum requirements for scanning resolution and pixel (bit) depth to support archival preservation and continued use.

  1. Bitonal (1-bit) scanned at 300-600 ppi (pixels per inch).

  1. Gray scale (8-bit) scanned at 300-400 ppi.

  2. This is appropriate for textual documents of poor legibility because of low inherent contrast, staining or fading (e.g., carbon copies, thermofax, or documents with handwritten annotations or other markings), or that contain halftone illustrations or photographs.  Scanning at 400 ppi is recommended.

2.  Image type should be set according to the document you are scanning.  It is recommended that you use black and white or grayscale and not color.

CM/ECF has a maximum file size of 20 mg and if your file is larger than this the system will most likely time out.

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